Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What are you training for?

I think it is important to have goals in life.  Especially fitness goals.

Do you want to have more endurance in your everyday activities?  Pick up your children without straining?  Carry 3 bags of groceries in one hand and a gallon of milk in the other...all the way to your front door....without stopping?  Do you want to complete a race (5K, 10K, etc)?  Or an event like a triathlon?  Or squat your bodyweight?

I have noticed I need a goal.  I need something to train for. Something to keep me moving forward.  Something to keep my body guessing.

So what are your goals?  They can be as small as lifting heavier during one track of Body Pump. Or signing up for a race/event.  Or trying a new class.  Or striving to do a pull-up.  Keep them small and achievable.  Confidence will grow and so will your goals.

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