Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I love this article.  I love reading about women who lift VERY heavy (think 2x their body weight) and aren't bulky.  When I am not teaching extra classes I try to fit in a heavy lifting day once a week.  It was so exhilarating when I was able to deadlift 145lbs...it made me want to lift more!  In a few days I will post other links where you can read about other women who lift heavy...and aren't bulky(gasp!)

I'm a Woman and I Love Powerlifting.

By Dana McMahan for Blisstree.com
I spend four days per week in a gym; on days off, I pine to be there. I lift hundreds of pounds, sport smeary chalk prints on my sweat-soaked clothes and listen to cacophonous music at dangerously loud levels when I train. I attack large, bloody-rare steaks like a caveman. Am I a 275-pound shaved-headed dude with my bench total dangling as a charm from a gold chain around my thick neck?
Nope. I’m a 100-pound, 30-something female food writer who has fallen in love with powerlifting.

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