Saturday, August 11, 2012

Relay Triathlon

So today I completed an Olympic distance triathlon as part of a relay team.  I have wanted to do this longer triathlon(1 mile swim, 20+mile bike, 10K run) for about a year and almost signed up ....but then decided I didn't have time to train properly and it would be good to try it as a team first.  I volunteered to do the swim, Noelia (my first ever client!) did the bike ride and our chiropractor Chantel Brooks did the run.  She had a baby 4 months ago and used this event as a motivator to get back in shape.

my team was the lady in red and black.  Carla did each event.  

When we woke up it was storming-lightning and rain....but thankfully it stopped and only caused a 1 hour delay.  I was nervous swimming in the river but it turned out to be better than a lake.  It was a narrow river and not a huge body of water like the lakes in my other triathlons.  And the river provided a nice current to help push you along.  1000m was downstream and then we had to finish the last 500m upstream....very tough.  As we were waiting to start I got in the water to warm up....that is when I realized just how strong the current was... Advantageous on the way down-problematic on the way up....but I finished.  And with a time of 32 minutes!  I was expecting 45-60 minutes so i was very pleased.  

 before the race.  i sure wish I had taken a picture of the river!  you can kinda see it behind us.  the man is John who takes my Pump class on Mondays at 5:15...and then that is Carla-who is a very strong athlete!  

After I came out of the water I passed the timing chip to Noelia and she took off on the bike for the 24 mile course.  She was nervous with the roads being wet but she averaged 17.4 mph....VERY impressive! It took her 1 hr. and 15 minutes.  Chantel also had a very impressive time with the 10K coming in 1:24!  I did feel like I cheated as I watched the other athletes complete each event....just inspired me more to do the whole thing next year!  If I had the money and time to train properly I would find one to do next month...but I really would like to do this one since I am kinda familiar with the course.  We all were inspired to do it next year.  

our "After" shot.  I really felt bad for Chantel and Noelia....they exercised for over an hour....mine was only 32 minutes...and I had help from the current!

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