Monday, July 2, 2012

I Can Do This

Read this quote on this morning and had to share it.  

A new member started coming to my classes after the New Year.  She was going hard core and coming at 5:15am.  We all welcomed her.  She told us that she is usually good for 2 weeks and then she quits.  "Well you won't do that this time", we told her...we encouraged her every morning.  What I wish I had said was this:

"You must change your thoughts.  You have already allowed yourself to quit after 2 weeks.  If you want to change that cycle you must change your thoughts...create a new mantra.  You don't have to quit after 2 weeks."

Sure enough we didn't see her again after those 2 weeks.  I bet she loved the way she felt when she was working out.  I bet she hates seeing her bank account each month when $40 is deducted for the gym membership.  I bet she wishes she was still coming.

I have moments when I want to quit.  I struggle to get out of bed some mornings.  My mantra is "I can do this".  When the "i can't" messages start flooding my mind I replace them with "I Can Do This".  

And you can do it too.  Write down all the negative phrases that are keeping you from your goals/dreams and replace them with phrases that will push you forward.  Thoughts lead to action....let's make sure we are going in the right direction.

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