Monday, July 2, 2012

Sore muscles?

Try foam rolling...

When I get sore muscles I usually stretch....isn't that what we have all done?  Well...sometimes stretching is not enough.  During my workout on Friday I did  some one-leg deadlifts with a heavy kettlebell and that evening I could feel the soreness kicking in.  I knew this weekend was going to be filled with some "ooowww" moments when I sat down or bent over.  I decided to start foam rolling that night before the soreness reached its peak.    I did about 10 minutes each night and it reduced the soreness by 75%.  I won't lie....foam rolling doesn't feel great...but the effects are worth the discomfort.  It is like a deep tissue massage.  Hurts so bad but afterwards feels so good.

Foam rolling has many benefits and I am trying to make it a regular part of my fitness routine...not just when i am sore!

Here is an article with many links to other excellent articles on this subject.

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